Friday, February 5, 2010


So how about this little shindig, Follow Me Fridays at the Trendy Treehouse.
The Trendy Treehouse
I admit I'm not as smart as I look
I just like to wear glasses.
Sometimes I wonder if my boss has figured this out yet.
He probably thinks I'm retarded but whatever.
Today I accidentally poured a chemical into the wrong bottle.
I thought about not fessing up, it was clear, it could have been a forever secret.
But I was afraid I had just created some lethal bomb mix so I went ahead and told boss man that I screwed up because I'm really not a genius I just like wearing purple glasses. He said oh ok.
Oh and I know I said here that I was just dying to get into UGA. But um I'm kind of not anymore. Maybe its just all the super bowl hype but LSU looks really good now ha!

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Holly said...

Happy Friday Follow...what a fun way to find new blogs!