Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Cant Believe It

What is that?A very blurry picture of some good mail with one of my favorite favorites on the cover.
(If you didn't know, Carrie Underwood is like my fave. person ever. Check older posts you'll see)

I scoured Google Images looking for next months issue but no luck. And by scoured I do mean a couple pages. So, settling with my blurry vision picture to share with you lovelies. Or have you seen it walking by in the grocery stores? Already flipped through it standing in line? Don't care? Haha.

Shes been on a couple covers before but none of them compare to this one. She looks aaaamazing, I love her hair, the dress, the makeup, the reddish background...I think its one of my favorite Cosmo covers! The issue is great too! Just kiddin I couldn't even tell you. Know why? The issue is as good as _________ (insert anything, I couldn't think of the right word to flow with the rest of this) to me because I'm just stuck on the cover. You know how when you buy a notebook or journal only because the cover is so cute; lined paper is lined paper but a polka dot cover makes the day planner right? Well the cover is gorgeous so I'm probably just going to stare at it until I get bored/motivated enough to open it up and read lol!


Court said...

Your description on the right side sounds like you could quite possibly be my twin separated at birth. Cheers!

EL said...

I always knew I had a long lost sister. Ha!