Friday, February 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life!

Soooooo today is Friday and this edition of Show Us Your Life brought to you by Kelly's Korner features "Beauty Tips & Favorite Products".
Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Beauty products are so fun to try and test out, I had to link up and post my favorites! Its not a crazy routine or anything ha but of course I start out with a clean face, I like Olay and St. Ives Apricot scrub best!
Then I start out with my lotion...Its not too heavy or greasy and it has a bit of SPF which I hear is a big plus. I try to remember to put it on all the time but you know how that goes...Oh and this is my most favorite eye makeup remover ever! Oil free, love that! Its not soapy its not harsh, it does a great job of taking off eyeliner.

I don't like foundation or anything that makes my face look cakey. I like to put something on my skin but not anything too heavy, and this is the perfect solution. I use it with a little short fat brush and I don't even think you can put too much on. It just makes your face matte and smooth looking! I think its crossed over from favorite to must have!

I finish with my eyes...any eyeshadow that sparkles or shimmers and looks good with my skin tone. Right now I'm working on Too Faced "George&Weezie" (pictured). I love how colored eyeliner and eyeshadow look on other people but I just am not brave enough to test it out! I stick with my classic black eyeliner, super duper must have. Cover Girl, something from Sephora, not really picky on the brand.

I used to buy Cover Girl Lash Blast and I still kinda love it but when I have 20$ extra dollars to spend on mascara, Dior is the where its at! Seriously. I first tried plain Dior Show, thought it was amazing, then tried Diorshow Blackout and its amazing and all that and a bag of chips and then some. This is the only thing I'd recommend for fab lashes.

So I guess that's it! Throw it on and go ha! Well that's what works for me...
Happy Friday!

Here, here, and here is other stuff that has worked for me!

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