Monday, February 15, 2010

Candy Girl You Are My World

Whatever it is that makes them so delicious, I thank the Mars company from the deepest regions of my heart. And I thank the BF for picking a bag up at 50% off cause he knows exactly how I feel about things being on sale and also Cupids mix M&Ms vs. the regular ones. I also thank him once more for my fave gift from xmas because after I make this bag disappear, I'm pretty sure I'll fit under a leopard blanket alot better than I would into my jeans. And while I'm at thanking people and talkin bout M&M's, I mines well thank my mom for putting me in the best/my most favorite Halloween costume of all time, to this date. Trust me, no kid was a cuter green M&M then me. I made that costume ha!

What are your feelings on M&Ms? Their really an interesting candy. The plain chocolate ones are kind of just that, little kids think they are just little colorful pieces of heaven! Kids are so sillyfunny they think 2 or 3 M&Ms is so wonderful. Whereas I personally need at least half a bag to get to wonderful. Kidding! But I'm not kidding about this, storytime: Keep in mind I was young when The Wedding Planner first came out. So after seeing the scene where Matthew Mcconaughey throws out all the colored M&Ms and only eats the brown ones because he thinks their less artificial...What do you think yours truly did whenever she ate M&Ms? Lame! I know! But a JLo fan I was, and The Wedding Planner was and always will be on the favorite list. Storytime over back to M&Ms. Hate them or have a fave? Peanut butter is my top choice, but if your like my boyfriend then you reach for the yellow bag, peanut! (yuck)

A bag of M&Ms later, theres a good chance I will be the girl version of this kitty cutie pie. Still love me.

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