Sunday, February 28, 2010

Head Full Of Thoughts II

♥ The Olympics are over and in honor I thought a bobsled shower might be ok. I called BF in when I was just about done. I hogged all the water washing my face, so he was dry until I finished and moved the nozzle on him. Immediately he says, Damn thats hot! (Not Paris Hilton style) I say are you serious then rinse my conditioner and get out. 2 seconds. That deserves a gold medal no?

♥ Waiting for BF to get out of the shower I was watching Food Network, it probably felt weird for the TV to be on a channel other than ESPN. Meredith from The Office was judge on IronChef. Made me think of the vid @ bottom.

♥ Outfit planning in my head, I thought of wearing my Tiffany scarf (pic^) as a headband and I also thought why not check the website to see whats new. I'll tell you whats new. SUNGLASSES! Maybe if I wish hard enough..

♥ Channel surfing the movie Enough is on right now and I just remembered its on my favorite favorite list.

♥ Is February really over?


Shell said...

Love the scarf! Sunglasses? I must check that out. Not that I'll actually get any, but I like to wish.

EL said...

Yea I doubt I'll get the pair with the blue hearts on the side but I like to pretend!

ty said...

Cute cute cute :) I know the feeling of not wanting to share the shower. BF is a greedy bish when it comes to hot water.

Alex(andra) said...

I ran across your blog at Kelly's Korner... and I gotta say, I love The Office, and that clip always makes me laugh. I'm definitely going to have to find that episode of Iron Chef. I bet she was amazing.