Monday, February 22, 2010

Shower Power

Our tub is like an Olympic bobsled, small and narrow, not much fun for two people to be in at one time. I like standing under the water at all times, which leaves somebody not under the shower head cold & dry. And I need room to shave my legs and don't even get me started on the temperature! He likes his near cold/lukewarm, I prefer mine hot like a sauna. This makes for a hugelittle teeny prob, every time we shower together, which is like once a year because of these said issues! I always thought a combined shower would save the whales you know save some water, but he gets in, says "ah its scorching" and turns the water towards cold. I say, goodbye my time here is done. Sad face, sorry whales I've really never been good at sharing. So separate showers it is. And if you like TMI, let me tell you sometimes I yell for him to come get in right when I'm getting out so I don't have to turn off the water ha!

My favorite favorite is showering in hotel showers because I totally am in there forEVER using hot hot water, not worrying about the water bill cause its not mine yay! I just love showers. I've even pulled two in one day. But its just my shower that I like, no offense to yours haha. When I was younger and used to have sleepovers at friends, if I had to shower it was my least favorite part and if I could I'd wait til I was back home. It just felt weird standing on somebody elses bath math, seeing the soaps and shampoos that I've never even used or seen before. I like my shower. And baths smaths. Well their okay but I just don't like bathwater I feel like it gets so cold and dirty, which is why if I ever take one, I still shower first. The only good thing/thing I like about baths, is a baby in them! I think its the most adorable thing when baby's like bathtime and splash around and laugh, my nephew loved bathtime it was the cutest thing!
Basically I'm trying to say a shower is my favorite way to get clean! Who votes shower, or bath?!


Jess said...

the hubs and I have the same shower problem. I thikn his showerws are wayyyy to cold for me and i kinda feel bad leavin him outta the water cuz I dont wanna stand there dripping and cold while hes in the spray lol

EL said...

hahah exactly! its not a shower unless your under the spray lol