Saturday, February 13, 2010

Le Freak C'est Chic...Freakout.

Do you love my post title?
Or not?
Let me explain, I was having a, freakout, if you will.

And "aaaaaaaah FREAKOUT!" was the first thing that popped into my head.

You should probably ask what is the freakout about?

Well I was just thinking about the old days in middle and high school, when there was the surprise of a substitute teacher for the day.
Depending on the sub, this meant "yessssssss!" or ****!

The "yessssssss!" type meant: feel free to be a chatty kathy the entire class because were only watching a video anyway, and go ahead and sit next to your friends because there's no way the sub cares enough to leave a note for the teacher to come back and rant about. A sub for the teacher meant the day would be "chillax". That's what the kids used for cool/chill/relax. I know, I know.

The "****" type meant: you better be in your seat when the sub calls roll or your name is definitely going to be on the note that the sub is definitely going to leave for the teacher to come back to. Don't even think about being a chatty kathy, not chillax.

Back to the freakout.

In my years of schooling, whenever we had a sub, I was a chatty kathy, and I was usually not in my seat or anywhere near it. It wasn't entirely my fault but I'm sure I was probably a part of some classes that produced a few headaches for substitute teachers.

What does this mean for me?

Does it mean that whenever and if I have to sub, I'm sure to have a rowdy circus kind of class? How many names am I going to have to leave for the teacher to come back to? This is why the freakout. I remember having some pretty rowdy classmates; boys that had good aim with paper creations(basketballs, planes) and some girls that just didn't quit the talking. Even if the teacher was talking. Sooo freakout. If I ever have to sub, I hope if I'm stuck in a class of animals, I at least get 1 sweet student to help me find where the teacher left the plan I'm supposed to follow ha.


Juliana said...

Freakout---that is when you should start singing superfreak in your head...and dancing ah ah that will teach those students

EL said...

I hope your not joking cause I think this is a great idea hee hee!