Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Star

When I saw Queen Latifah out there on the field, I thought, huh interesting shes no Beyonce but alright. Ok ok I was disappointed, not gonna lie. I'm sure shes a nice lady but her performance just didn't blow me out of the water. The performance gods must have sensed my disappointment because just a minute later, there on the field appeared was the most magical of all creations. Carrie Underwood. If you don't have HD TV then I'm sorry you should have came to my house. National Anthem + HDTV + Carrie in white & sparkles=loveeeeee yayy.

I haven't been rolling on the floor laughing hysterically at the commercials, have you?
Ok I admit, I rolled around a little, the Doritos commercials are hilarious and the Bud Light ones too.
Oh and I just cant wait till halftime! I'm starving! I'll be in the kitchen makin a 5 star pizza, Kelly@Dare to be Domestic posted a really good looking recipe and my fingers are double crossed that mine comes out somewhere near seriously delicious!

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Courtney said...

Happy almost valentines day! there's something waiting for you over at my blog...