Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Do You Know?

Oh and can you get a cherry pepsi for me too please? That would probably help my cramps.
You think so?
Uh Yeah!
Ohh really I've never heard that one before...
Well its a dark soda and it has caffeine. AND YOU'VE NEVER EVEN HAD CRAMPS BEFORE!! (Grrrr)
I had an attitude. I crossed my arms over my heating pad covered stomach and frowned hard at BF. My explanation doesn't have to make sense. Even though it does. (to me) A soda would make me feel better; it tastes good and makes me not think about how I'm slowly dying with these cramps. So if cherry pepsi is my midol, cherry pepsi is my midol. And I pout alot and if you don't like whiny people I might not be the blogger for you =) hahah! Let me tell you the original item I sent him to the store for though. I'm usually prepared right, stocked with a box of tampons for my favorite time of month (right) but this month I don't know what the heck happened! As we speak, BF is at the store probably standing in the middle of the aisle amongst all the tampon boxes, trying to find the golden ticket. (I showed him what they look like on Google so he would get the right ones for sure!) He didn't seem to mind at all but I still thought he might be a little embarrassed checking out, which is why I told him to also pick up a bag of Valentines M&Ms (please don't ask what happened to the other bag) you know, to distract the attention off the tampons when he's checking out! Haha so smart I am!

Question, would you rather attend the Olympics or the Superbowl? I was having a hard time choosing one!? The Superbowl is probably so fun, so intense! But how cool would it be to say I've been to the Olympics? On the fence on this one...

Another question. Bloggers take offense if you stop following them,don't return the follow, don't comment back right away, etc? Are there bloggy rules I don't know about? I usually go through my blog list from time to time to keep it fresh! Find new ones, lose the ones that stopped posting or whatever. I don't like posts where I feel like I need to skim through them and I cant stand when unread blog posts pile up. So lately I've felt like my Google Reader is just another "inbox", and I don't like that...I have tons of coupons and that type of stuff that I see in my email account daily so when I see them here its like ugh repeat. Sure giveaways are okay but I'd rather see blog posts of cute newborns and redecorated living rooms. And I don't want anyone to feel obligated to be here, to follow you know! I want you to want to visit my blog, you know, your own will. I know time is precious and unless your really sure you want to, don't wastespend it on me...ha! But if you are sure, then welcome welcome and I'm glad you are here! In real life, I like ice cream and wearing boots and for some reason I always end up in conversation with somebody whether their younger or older than me, whatever! If your nice, and even if your not but we have something to talk about, it'll be a blast trust me! Puppies, baseball, headbands, pointing & laughing, cute baby shoes, being nosy, whatever it is you like and like to talk about, try me, I might like that too! I love responding to comments! So I've been seeing everyone and their Moms say this lately so I mines well too! I doubt any do? Ha but if you have any questions about me, for me, whatever, ask and I'll try my very best to answer! (just dont ask any hard/lame ones please ex: why do you eat so many m&ms haha!)



Shell said...

I'm guessing you eat m&ms because they are better than midol(though not better than pamprin- pamprin is the miracle pms drug).

I try to comment on all the blogs I follow, at least a few times a week. Used to be every post, every day, but I follow a lot not and that would mean COMPLETELY ignoring my children if I did that.

EL said...

Good guess girl! And Ill have to try pamprin if you say it really is all that & a bag of chips though!

I guess it is good I dont have children, just a boyfriend to ignore ha!

Jess said...

seriously, can we be BFF!? lol were like the same person

EL said...

Bff sounds good to me! Hahah do we need those 2 piece necklaces lol!

Jess said...

hahahaah i forgot about those

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Your wild cherry pepsi is my coca cola classic. I love that stuff. Usually mine is for headaches though. It doesn't seem to help my cramps.

Your boyfriend gets kudos for running to get you tampons. My boyfriend did this for me during my last cycle I'm usually prepared like you said but this time, not so much. My ex wouldn't even TOUCH a box of Tampons. lol

The lady at the check out told my boyfriend "You are a brave man - and very sweet to buy her these" my boyfriend just replied "Well honestly I think it's pretty obvious that they aren't FOR me, right?" she laughed and agreed. I wish I would have told him to cover it up with extra purchases such as chocolate. You are a SMART COOKIE!

EL said...

after reading "smart cookie" im now craving cookies!