Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ray J Stickynotes & A Cat Quiz

If you have love for Ray J then "you gotta keep it onehundred.' You don't tune in? It means be honest. So if you have love for me then please be 100% when you answer these.

Question 1. Does this cat look fat?
1. Yes, do you even need to ask this?
2. Its too hard to tell because its not a full body shot of her.

(If you chose 1 please don't tell me I'll cry and if you chose 2, not my fault, she likes to spend a majority of her time in bags and boxes which leads me to...
Question 2. When I was little we used to say, "oohh if you love it so much why don't you marry it!" Well if she could she would marry a box and a bag I have no doubt. She likes them a lot. Think this is,
1. Creepy.
2. Cute!
3. Both, your cat is MAGnificent how does she pull off creepy with cute that's not easy.
Question 3. I cut out my messy floor in each picture. Do you think that's...
1. Weird
2. Really funny
3. So smart.

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Jen said...

Your blog is so cute :) Just found it from the Seattle Smith's!