Thursday, February 25, 2010

Suit Up

The Victoria's Secret Swim 10 catalogue was the goodest piece of mail I've gotten in a while.
Hah. Goodest. I so wish that was a word, it sounds kinda funny saying it which is pretty cool, and it's a nice replacement for "best".

On to my thoughts!

First thought, must haves! Hearts if not stars are my favorite shapes. Not so crazy about the top but the bottoms I adore and I would probably just mix them with a top I have already!

Group vote! At first sight, I loved all the colors and was ready to buy it, then the more I looked at it the less I liked it. Maybe its the print? I don't know! I cant decide! Is it cute or ugly?!
Yoga pants are in every months issue and I've been lusting over this particular pair forevaaa. I love both leopard and cheetah print, but depending on the brand, I feel like sometimes one will be cuter than the other. You know how it could be the same zebra print but one will look better than the other? Same deal here, I feel like the pants have better print than the swimsuit. But it was like love at first sight! The print on the pants is cute but on a swimsuit!? You have my heart. And I'm really liking the rainbow colorful leopard print compared to the regular shades of brown you know. Very interesting.
This happens ever year, I find a ton of cute suits I like but am too scared to order them because 1, I really like to try on before I purchase and 2, VS isn't the best at returns/exchanges/refunds. Wish they had a swim store close to me! And I haven't seen Target's summer/spring clothes yet but they usually have a few good looking ones too. I'm pretty much ready for summer/spring clothes because lately, whenever I'm trying to dress myself for a rainy day, I end up spending a good minute just standing there going back and forth; looking outside at the rain thinking how cold its gonna be and then looking in the closet thinking what the heck am I gonna wear to stay warm. When I'm finally bundled in something halfway cute that matches, I start thinking about how easy it would be if it was warm and I could just throw on a tank top and go!

Have the goodest day! Ha!


Jess said...

i usually go to target first b/c is so much cheaper. but this latelst VS actually had some really cute stuff in it.

EL said...

Yea target is way more reasonable, Vs asks for alot for just a swimsuit, but yes doesnt it seem like their stuff has been getting cuter and cuter!

Tiffany said...

I am the same way!! I love VS but just cant bring myself to pay so much for some of the suits and clothes (unles i just love love love it). Target is def. my alternative.

EL said...

Target is a great alternative right?! It doesnt feel like Im missing out on a VS 60$ dress when I find one for 20$ at Target thats just as cute lol!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Years ago when I had the body to rock these bathing suits I purchased a few from VS. Note: If you buy any from their BOOB BOOSTING set realize it will totally BOOST YOUR BOOBS! I got mine home and I was so freaked out my boobs looked ginormous! (they are big enough as is).

All of these suits are cute. I don't much like heart patterns but that first one made me sigh. Now if only the body came WITH the suit I'd be sold.

Target has a ton of cute ones in stock right now. Bottom line is you must buy them NOW. By the time the weather gets warmer they will be GONE or so picked over you won't be able to match top and bottom.

I always find mix and match suits (where you can get different sizes) are the best way to go! :)