Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Don't Like Your Necklace

Ugly hat, uglier dress, ugh. Not doing your hair. No brush, comb, or any thought about a hairstyle? It cant be over 50 degrees, short shorts and a longsleeve? Tube top and jeans in the rain? I know it would be extremely rude and a scene from "Mean Girls" if I said what I thought. What made you wear that hat? Do you think your hair looks nice like that? Do you not have pants? Did you know Coach purses have C's on them not G's. Tie dye and stripes? There are so many ugly shoes out there being worn while cute shoes are just sitting in the stores. I keep a little section in my brain for Mean Girl Thoughts that I dare not share with anyone, unless they too like to make fun of accessories and et cetera. And thinking that people are probably making fun of me too makes me feel less bad about making fun of someone. So I don't like your necklace, and I hope you don't like mine =)

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