Monday, February 15, 2010

Lost & Found

(relaxed and sweet voice) L: I don't know where my jeans are but I think I must have left my rings in the pocket again.
Then I sat back down on the bed and returned to my blog filled laptop.
(stressed and sour voice) BF: So your just going to sit there, your not going to look for them???

That's when I gave the death face. Yooou don't tell me. Do not order me, definitely don't direct me, and don't question me not doing something or anything at all, because that is just what I do sometimes; nothing. I can. I knew my jeans didn't just get up and walk out the house, they had to be somewhere close, I just had to catch them before they got to the washer. I wasn't worried, but BF sure was! You should have seen his death face when I sat down to return to blogging. Whatever. Your not my boss! Princesses and 5year olds don't have bosses duh.

I don't take direction well anyways but its just extra weird when it comes from him because he's a boyyyyyyyyy. Excuse me, man. I've always lived with my Mom, not ever my Dad, so the voice of a man telling me what to do isn't something my brain recognizes. Or it does recognize it and just doesn't like it hence the death face? Plus I was a good kid and my Mom spoiled me extra extra so I grew up thinking I was a princess who didn't have to do chores or listen to directions, I made the rules. So you see...Even suggestions, corrections and just things in general can bug me.

You should do it like...
Don't you think you should do this before you...
Are you really going to...
That is all classic BF right there. You know what else is? When were going somewhere and I swear up and down I can take a ten minute shower and I rush through shaving and everything, totally feeling like its only been 8 minutes. Only for him to tell me that it was almost 30 minutes that's way more than 10. Actually that doesn't bug me it just makes me real sad because I had myself thinking I was a super speedy shower-er when I was the far opposite.

I do. I do admit I lose everything. I say everything, because I'm trying to make this sound as serious as it is. I lose at least one thing once a day. Not for good, not forever. But when something is lost this is my thinking: lost means I don't know where it is, so why, how and where should I look for something that I have no clue where it would be?! I'm not trying to be lazy, I just don't know how to find things that arent in a place I know of. But this drives BF craaaaazy which leads him to start the search for me. I tell him I don't know where my phone is I don't know what to tell you, then I would seriously lay on the couch forever thinking my phone was gone for good...If it wasn't for him going to check in the car or look in my jacket pocket. Remember I lost my charger? Found it in an old Christmas gift bag.

(trying to gain insight and inside info for this post in process, I asked...)
L: Babe what do you think I lose the most?
BF: Hmmm...(scratches his head) That's a good question.......I don't think its any one thing in particular its just always something new...But you lose your phone alot.
Well. Already said that lovie.
BF: Auuckhhhhhh (funny throat noise) Why didn't I think of this?! Your stupid f****** deodorant :)

Okayyyyy okay well I suppose he has every right to say that as such. Because every morning or every night, it never fails that I cant find my deodorant. I don't know where you keep yours but I like to keep mine on the floor, kind of under the bed, under clothes, you know, random places. Then I start to freak out because I only allow myself a certain amount of time for the getting ready process and deodorant applying is a necessity in that so I beg/order BF to find the pot of gold. Do you see why I'm so in love? Hahaha. He finds it in the most random of all places and its a sigh of relief when he finds it. The best thing. So lucky I am. If I kept it in the same place every time it would be way easy to find. But thats lame, and also something my mother would advise. And besides I think BF kinda likes hide&seek deodorant. Kidding.


Shell said...

I misplace my wedding rings on about a weekly basis or so. I never really worry. They have to be around somewhere and I'll find them eventually...

EL said...

oh man I cant wait till I have wedding rings to lose ha!