Saturday, February 13, 2010

For Me?!

My goodness. I should take a break more often. Didn't check my blog for a couple days and I came back to find a comment from Courtney, saying there was a little something for me over at her blog. A surprise?! Excited I was. And when I saw it was an award, even more! Who would think to pass an award my way?! I guess she thinks my blog is as dazzling as I know hers is ha! My first ever, so thanks a bundle Courtney!

Ok soooo here are the rules I will do my very best to follow ha!
- Thank the blogger who gave you the award and make sure to link back to them
- Pass it on to 15 other beautiful bloggers who you've recently discovered. Link them & notify them about their award.
- Share 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Here we go!
♥. I'm intimidated of the weather. Big time. I'm planning on transferring to a college far from home this fall. One thing I'm worried about is the change of weather we'll be experiencing. I don't know about you but I really like 70 degrees pretty much year round. I am so used to sandals & shorts. I really get a kick out of reading all the blog posts out there about the "ice storms" and "inches of snow", I love looking at the snowy house pictures but I'm just now sure how I'm going to adjust to possibly living in one!

♥. I'm serious about my soda. Like I'm really glad we don't get crazy snow storms because that would totally prevent my boyfriend from making emergency soda runs. I'm serious. Soda is supposed to be the easy cut out, its empty calories, but I'd cut out everything before soda. Well not everything but soda vs. sweets soda wins. I don't want to turn this into a soda post cause we'll be here forever, but Cherry 7up is the house favorite I must have in stock. Hey I get antioxidants from the fake cherry so ha.

♥. I have a strict "I cook not clean" policy. And I love it. And I love that my boyfriend loves my cooking enough to help me out and kinda follow! Its just the cleaning up process that I ask for help in, scraping food off the dishes and putting them in is just not me so I try to get the clean ones taken care of. But after a meal BF has a sparkle in his eye, he's happy and full and he'll kiss my cheek and say "I got the kitchen", or "that was so good babe thanks I'll clean up". Aw. I just melt into a puddle on the couch! Like the Secret Life of Alex Mack, that kind of puddle.

♥. I'm pretty sensitive, just in my relationship. My boyfriend has witnessed some super intense stuff ha. One morning I woke up way before I had to, it was a horrible night of sleep or something and I just started crying and whining about how I was soooo tired and I just wanted to be able to fall asleep and waaah waaah waaah. Oh and a while back, when I first accepted that our furry cat of a friend was definitely to be considered extra large because obese sounds so harsh, I couldn't stop the tears. (I'm sure this scenario could have someone laughing?) I just felt like such a failure for letting her get so chunky and ohh it was a long night! Yes my boyfriend loves me tears and all!

♥. I have really bad sleeping habits. Oh man. I adore sleeping in, taking naps, any form of rest. And I stay up really late. TV in the room anyone? There's some good stuff on late. If 8 hours is healthy, then I'm probably not. Fall asleep way past midnight and awake at 11ish 11:30. Oh lazy college students right!?

♥. I have a soft spot for animals. An excessively soft soft spot. Our fatty cat comes from the pound and of course I wish I could rescue every one out there. You can ask my boyfriend how many times I've made him stop the car so I can check if the loose cat or dog has a collar. You can ask me how many times I've ran up to a dog I thought was lost, only to watch it run away from me and back into the garage of the home where it obviously lived happily. Well they sure looked lost. I brake for all creatures, or scream frantically at BF to brake because I don't really drive. Animal lover definitely.

♥. I'm a big kid. Both my BF and I. Of course we are grown and act like adults but also maintain a super high level of fun all the time. Joking, messing around, he loves to tease me. I love to scare him, I think its hilarious to hide in the hall way or come behind the couch and grab him, its really makes me laugh. A favorite is to watch TV and poke fun of all the brilliant people they cast for any high drama reality program. And we're always quoting the funny shows we watch...we do it all day long...that's what she said!

♥. I stare. At babies. And I cant help it. Wherever I am, wherever we are, whoever I'm with, I cant help but point out whatever family or whoever I see with a precious newborn all swaddled up. My Mom says "don't get any ideas". So funny. BF is used to me making him pick out exactly which tasteful toddler has the cheetah print onesies or the beloved bow headband that I cannot wait to purchase for my own some day! Me staring at your little bundle of beauty, in advance, so sorry for staring!

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I warned that I'd do my best with the rules sooo that's 15 =)
All these ladies are lovely and their blogs are definite must reads!
Go see, then come back so I can say told ya so!
Or I can sing it to you Carrie Underwood-like I tolddddd you sooooooo.
Up to you!


The Wilson's said...

Thank you so much for the award and sweet comment:) Have a great day!

Annie D said...

Thank you so much for the award!! I'll definitely try and get my post up soon!

Courtney said...

:) You totally deserve it!

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Awww - thank you for this!!! I'm going to mention you giving this to me as well!!! :) Sorry I'm so late on the return of THANK YOUS!