Monday, February 15, 2010

Chips=Stop Snoring Tonight

Do you share the bed with somebody that snores? I do.
I usually don't mind it, but the times when I cant fall asleep and its ridiculously polar bear like loud, I mind it alot. We don't really ever buy Cheetos so I cant say I'd have them on hand when needed...Even if we kept our house Cheeto stocked and one night I found my ears ringing in pain due to the bother of a snorer, sticking a cheesypuffstick up there isn't the first thing I would think of. But the idea sure makes a funny commercial no!?


Ivy said...

Im not a happy girl at all when I cant fall asleep b/c Troy is snoring or if he wakes me up with his loudness. I have have been known to give a gentle punch too if it's really bad:)

allison @ designing woman said...

yes i sleep with someone who snores, but he also sleeps with someone who snores... i didn't care for that commercial tho! things in my nose or ears creep me out!