Sunday, February 28, 2010

Head Full Of Thoughts

My brain doesn't have enough room for each and every thought I have, that's where the blog comes in. Here's what I'm emptying out of my head right now...

♥The other day my teacher was having a cough attack and asked the class for mints or a candy...Do you watch The Office? (If you don't, you should.) I had a Michael Scott moment. The teacher stopped coughing enough to say "can I have something to suck on". THATS WHAT SHE SAID! Immediately was what I thought and I smiled to myself thinking how completely rude & out of linehilarious it would be if I had said that out loud.

♥I had an extra transcript to send out but since I pretty much know where I want to go out of the places I applied I figure I save the 40$ application fee. But I was just thinking maybe woulda done University of Alabama or maybe somewhere still in state.

♥You know how they have different colors of filling for Oreos? Red for Christmas, orange for Halloween? Well, I haven't boughten Oreos in a long time but I think they have blue ones for Spring/Easter and those are my favorite.

♥I was soooo tired last night. I said "I have to pee but I'm tooo tired babe." Well you know how BF likes to be the boss of the worldme. "That's really not good for you you can get sick by holding it, blah blah blah." I have a really strong bladder and I can hold it for however long in situations of gross or no available bathrooms, but he scared me and I started thinking about bursting bladders so I went. Besides lazyness I blame the show Criminal Minds for me not wanting to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Dark hallways=killer in the closet. That's my first thought and reason why I ask BF to leave the bedroom door open while I go. I will keep it 100% and tell you yes, I've asked BF to stand outside the bathroom door to "listen"(what if someones behind the shower curtain with a knife waiting for me to turn on the light...) when I'm super scared. I'm really older than twelve though I promise.

♥I love when my boyfriend compliments my cooking after I've done nothing more than simply heating the food. TGI Friday Frozen fajitas are as good as the restaurants, he likes the heat & eat pot roast with frozen mashed potatoes just as much as the home cooked version. When he says " thanks babe that was really good" after a meal that went from freezer to oven/stovetop, I say thanks but I just heated it up. Can't take credit for it, but its' sure nice to not have to cook and clean up after cooking a whole meal. When I don't feel like having my own Iron Chef battle cooking for the two of us, pre made meals come in handy.

Have you seen my blog list? You know down on the right side, the ones I read. I love a good post, an interesting one, one that makes you smile, and I seem to find those in ALL the blogs I read, so kudos to ALL you and thanks for sharing =) and acknowledgement to the ladies responsible for me cracking a smile or two:
Kelly @ Dare To Be Domestic, she writes witty posts and her blog is pretty much the cats meow; she went out of her way to give my little blog a shout out! I know I know, how kind of her! Give her blog a visit to fully understand her amazingness! (spell check doesn't recognize amazingness as a word but I know it is :)
♥Sam @ Life Is Beautiful wrote
this post and if I ever had a favorite part of a blog post, her answer to # 6 might be my final answer I thought it was hilarious with a capital H! (I used to watch the show According to Jim and I still remember the episode he's talking to his wife about something and he goes, "its natural you know just like peein in the shower!")Funny funny but really go read that post and notice how cute her blog layout is.
Shell created a fabulous word. You wish you would have thought of. Shoulda woulda coulda! Its okay just go ask her if you can use it she might say yes ;) Ha! Her blog posts are always always a good read.
♥Jess @ Living On Sweet Tea, she watches the show Sons of Anarchy, and she's awesome! 2 for 1!
*Have a good Sunday!*


Jess said...

woo hoo! to me!

Sam said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! That's so nice of you to say :)