Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Note To Self

♥ 2 years and 9 months, he still has you in smiles and everyday has you thinking "I have the best boyfriend in the world". How you truly think your a princess, well for years nobody told you any different so who's to say now your not!? "Can you get me something from the kitchen", "can you rub my feet pleaaase", 21 year old self you are more spoiled than a brand new newborn. And such a mess you are especially when its your time of the month! Its a wonder he sticks around after you being constantly irritated! Did you really tell him you didn't want a hug? We all know you didn't really mean that but man you are just as stubborn as can be sometimes! Your way, your always right. Think so huh!? Done at community college after this semester you'll say love you miss you see you later to the family, pack up the (furry) kids and head out to a new state, new city, to start a new chapter in life. Its okay to be nervous. Its okay to be really nervous.

♥ Sometimes you feel as if there just aren't enough hours in the day, but you make do and you make do well. Midnight rolls around and your not even the least bit tired yet so blogging after hours is like your favorite favorite. Are you aware that one day you'll be wanting to be in bed, lights out by 9? Your stuck in night class three times a week because you would choose beauty sleep over a morning class any day of the week. Even if getting out of night class at 9:30 puts you in the shower at 10:15. Your happy. Your definitely a night owl not an early bird so it works out quite okay. Your a college student. That's your most important job, and one with easy peasy qualifications. (Show up and do your work.) Your hopefully gonna pass a certain math course, I guess third times the charm. And its amazing how you you don't feel guilty at all about eating Toaster Strudels two at a time. Oh girl!

♥ You don't stand up straight and you drink Cherry 7up unreasonably frequently. And as unhealthy as it as to call 100 calorie pack cookies & a bag of crackers lunch, you do. And with the exception of a couple rules, you are fortunate to have jobs with few rules and restrictions on what you wear to work, and one of the two part time jobs you work is extremely flexible with when you show up; 10 minutes late doesn't matter, which is good for you since your just permanently naturally late. You can call and ask to take lunch before you go in, and if it ever happens you just so happen to fall ill in the morning, a simple call will free the day ;) Not to say you take advantage of this, but being habitually late, having midterms & finals & study groups to deal with, its a luxury to have a flexible job. Enjoying it while you have it.
♥ You stay up really late. And if you could you would never wake up before 11a.m. You can function on less than 8 hours of sleep and have even gone on 3+. You have the energy to go go go all day even not eating breakfast lunch only dinner. Interesting eating habits, don't sound like the smartest, but your feeling amazing so if it works? Lucky you can be at one of your jobs in less than 10 minutes. You can shower, dress, and be out the door in 20 total if you really had to. But you know its not always going to be like this. You wont always get to stay up late and finish watching the movie you hadn't seen in forever. Your not always going to have the appetite/health to go all day without eating. Your not always going to be able to grab a bite of fast food instead of making a home cooked meal. Someday you'll have a real big life with real big responsibility's, like I don't know a baby! And it will take you 2o minutes just to think about if your even ready to walk out the door! And when that day comes you'll probably look back and say self what were you thinking not getting enough sleep!
♥One day you will♥


ty said...

Moving to a new city, new state ... let me tell you, from someone who did the EXACT same thing - it's NORMAL to be nervous. It would be CRAZY if you weren't :)

EL said...

How'd you do it!?