Monday, March 22, 2010

Wanted Dead Or Alive.

First, the Best & Worst.

Babe should I eat this or no?
Yea why wouldnt you?
I dunno..cause you don't like the citrus smell.
Aww babe go ahead.
No really I'm not even eating chocolate.

Worst girlfriend in the world award. Your boyfriend has to ask you if its okay if he eats an orange!? What else does he need permission for? Are you like 500 pounds and always eating chocolate, why does he have to ask such a thing? And even after you told him yes, he still thought you really meant no. Horrible.

Best boyfriend in the world award. You remembered your girlfriend doesn't like the smell of citrus. You were considerate enough to ask her if she minded, before you even peeled the sticker off the orange. And you even went back in, making sure she was really okay with it, and not just saying it. You made sure her yes was in fact a yes and not a no in disguise like it usuallysometimes is. And you eat and peel an orange with nice manners. Lovely.

Then, we saw a commercial advertising the return of the show the Deadliest Catch on Discovery. BF started humming the song and then said I wonder who sings it. I told him to Google it. He said Nahh what would I type? Umm... I reply with who sings intro song on Deadliest Catch. He says maybe some other time. I open a new window and take a break from this post. Did a quick search. BF starts looking at me weird. Then starts to smile... Is this it? Ohh cool babe thanks! I had found the song and was playing it for him. Which means I definitely come away with a best girlfriend in the world award.

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