Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Stuff

♥♥ Kelly @ Kelly's Korner has the cutest little munchkin and I really enjoy obsessing overlooking at the cute pictures of that little baby..Today I saw Kelly has a Mcklinky up for college age ladies! This is awesome, I'm always up for a new blog read and cool if its someone in my age group! Sooo to anyone stopping by, Hi!! I'm El and in college, I'm in my twenty's and getting ready to transfer to a University! If you want take a look around, you'll find out more about me, but if you see something you don't like maybe just exit and don't tell me, I'm a really sensitive girl ha! But feel free to say whatsup, I love chit chatting, whipped cream in my hot cocoa and soft blankets, lots more too just ask ;) ♥♥
*And I'm adding in a post I've had saved in drafts forever, just to introduce myself a little more!*
I like sports. Maybe not as much as your husband/whoever does, and maybe not as much as I like designer jeans or ice cream, but yes I do enjoy sports. Both my parents were athletic and I've done a couple sports, volleyball was my fave and the one I was prookay at. And my Grandma is a hardcore baseball fan, when I was little she would let me watch Rugrats if I let her watch a little of the game. What a deal! I had to love baseball for a couple innings then I got my cartoons.

My Mom was always telling me, if you can talk about sports you'll always be able to talk to a guy. Or carry a conversation with a guy. Or something like that. I don't know exactly how she said but it close enough you get the point? I sure did.

Its so easy to have a strong opinion/favorite in sports, so I think it makes for a really good conversation topic. My Mom was right. And I think its kinda funny when I happen to know more than a guy does about a certain team or league. How does that girl in the purple ruffly dress know the standings of the WVU Mens Basketball team when the guy wearing the WVU hoodie didn't even know who they played? Well, my boyfriend likes to pretend ESPN is the only channel we're allowed to watch I just have a semi decent memory so sometimes when I hear the facts/stats/schedule of a player they just stick in my head then the next time that person is mentioned, I'll find myself repeating what facts I remember. No but seriously, my BF is super glued to ESPN! He's lucky I do like sports and I don't mind watching with him. But if its a new episode or I just don't feel like watching sports at that time, you betcha he's turning it to The Kardashians,
I do love sitting on the couch and watching a game with him, and not just because he'll rub my feet though! Sports are almost like drama/reality shows! No wonder men are so obsessed! ESPN is kinda like the E! of sports. Someone is always getting fined, traded, talked about. Whats not to love about sports, theres always something happening!

But I'm really as much of a sports junkie as I am girly. If you told me to write down at least half of all teams in the NFL, NBA and MLB, I could do that and they'd be written with my pink pen but I'd rather be getting a pedicure. NFL is a great season and fun to watch, College Football is even more exciting to watch but for some reason my passion lies in baseball. Being a statistician for the high school baseball team only fueled that fire, taught me the rules & helped me learn alot more about the game, making it even funner to watch. Lots of people say its a slow, boring sport and maybe it is; the guy on first slowly trying to steal second, the guy at the plate slowly showing signs for bunt, and the pitcher throwing a slow curve. Sure there are times when its slow but there are fast times too(plate stealing, coming home from second)and either way its entertaining. To me.

So, besides the bathing suits I talked about in previous posts....The thing I'm most excited for in these next upcoming months, besides warmer weather, is baseball! MLB or bust ♥


Jess said...

i like watching baseball live at the stadium, i cant stand watching it on TV. Although I feel this way about almost every sport. I want to feel the energy off the team and the crowds.

My husband is like an NFL stats wizard. any questions anyone has ever asked him about football he seems to know~!

EL said...

NFL wizard thats too funny! my bf is like that with cars lol. We rarely buy tickets for a live game so thats why I love me some games on Tv. But i miss the stadium snacks that they charge an arm and leg for! And I know what you mean about the energy and stuff, live games hold some intensity right!

Laura said...

Hi, I found your blog through kelly's Korner. I loveeee sports too, especially college football is my favorite though. I love your mom's advice! I'll never forget when my brother told me, "You know what Laura? You know more about football than most of my guy friends." Haha. I can't get enough. And I've been counting down until MLB starts too! (I'm a Phillies "phan"!!

EL said...

yayyy glad to say hi to a gal that loves sports! team is the Dodgers and you Phillies always beat us out at the end! We can still be friends though =) hee hee! Nice to talk to a girl that knows her sports!