Friday, March 5, 2010

Head Full Of Thoughts III

♥To do: go back and give all my posts labels. Ugh Fun!

♥Show finale's kind of suck in a way; as the end gets closer I get sadder knowing this is the end of the shows season. RHOC come baaaack.

I'm glad I finally understand all the people that ever said "love is the greatest feeling." I always thought it was super cheesy...but being loved, seeing somebody show love, showing someone you love them, I love, it all =) there nothing better.

♥"The Office Baby" episode, oh my goshhhh. It was never not funny; Kevin & Pam "feasting", Jim freaking out, everyone at the hospital, definitely a new favorite episode! And when she fed the wrong baby! LMAO!
♥Funny how sometimes I have so much to say and I can form and gather my thoughts quite well, enough for one and sometimes two/three posts and other times (now) I just feel like throwing out some thoughts in a bullet post. Funny how sometimes I'm lazy in real life and bloggy land too; too lazy to join in blog hops and follow links. And I have some comments I want to leave but again, that lazy bug...

♥Resolve, the cleaning products, is my hero. When something spills on carpet, I panic for a minute but I get Resolve on it immediately and feel a little better about it. Resolve makers, you rock feel free to ever send me a free bottle.

♥Life is better with the Victoria's Secret Miraculous bra. I wish I got something free for saying that but no, I'm just keeping it 100%; its the best bra in the world. Well the best bra in the world that I've ever worn ha! I thought all my other bras were good picks but not so much after finding this one; makes it fun/easy/even better to wear shirts. Does that make sense? If I had $$$$$$$$ I would have one in each color & print they come in for sureeeee.

♥As bad as it, I'm definitely thankful for fast food this week. Not so thankful for nightclass though. Defrosting something, cooking it and something to go with it and cleaning it all up VERSUS stopping by McDonald's on the way to class....I know who the winner is...

♥I've always hoped that someday oneday when I'm a Mom, I have Mommy friends that have kids that like to be around my kids. Mommy friends with significant others that like to hang out with mine perhaps. Friends that will just say aunt because your that close of a friend. And pass down and trade baby clothes. And have date nights, play dates, girls nights and all that good stuff. I hope someday I'm lucky enough to have a friend like that and not this-

♥My mind feels lighter already. And weekend, I am so glad your here.

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Ivy said...

I loved The Office last night! I just knew as soon as she started nursing that baby that she had the wrong funny!