Monday, March 15, 2010

It Feels Like Springtime In Winter

Did you have a good weekend? And a not too shabby Monday? I enjoyed an 81 degree day! It was soooo nice to have blue skies, but so random since we've been having cold weather! I ate it up in a heartbeat and spent every second after getting off work in the sun =) Doesn't warm sun just feel the best against your back? Love it. Ohhh and love these little outfits they are tooo cute especially for Spring! Can you tell I just cannot wait for the day til I have a little bundle of joy to dress in Spring attire? Lol.

Good weather and good shows on tonight! Gossip Girl and 24. Sometimes 24 just gets my heart going too fast! Its sooo nerve wrecking sometimes! Hey is anyone planning on watching that premier of the show Life? Me and BF love (or maybe its just me and he doesn't mind) animal-ish nature-y shows ha. But this one looks like it should be good so we shall see!

I'm glad I got my "blog hop" on last week because I have so much homework this week and such a long "to do" list, I don't see much time for linking up and visiting blogs :( boooo! But I try my bestest to squeeze it in ;) and if not, well who doesn't love a scheduled post ha!

Would you laugh at me if I told you I was sad BF took such a quick shower earlier. I had just YouTubed Pat Benatars "We Belong". I loveee singing to myself. But BF walked in the room and I sighed and closed the tab. Raincheck my concert/karaoke session.
Have a great week!! ♥


Mommy Lisa said...

Ha! My hubby used to worry about "rocking out" on the floor in the living room with headphones on...his ex must have thought it was odd.

I could care less honey - rock on with your bad self.

And now he does. Even if I come into the room.


EL said...

Aww =)

I guess I just dont want him to *jealous* of my faaaaaaaabulous voice ;)