Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'd Do Anything

Saturday Night...
We watched Did You Hear About The Morgans. Funny, I liked it. Even though I can always only see SJP as Carrie from SITC. BF laughed too but I think a couple parts might have been slow for him.
I bought a bag of Easter M&Ms when I was at the store earlier. I know I knowww but I swear that's not all I eat. Its so weird though, they were never my favorite candy. Never! I always felt they were kinda plain and my heart always belonged to Reese's anyway. So yeah I never had the taste for just a bag of M&Ms, and if I ever got them they'd be peanut butter. But this February I had a little snack bag of them and I've been addictedwanting them all day everyday ever since. But as I was saying. I bought a bag of Easter M&Ms when I was at the store earlier. Ate some while watching our movie powered by ONDEMAND. All of a sudden my M&Ms started tasting orange-y. What the? But this didn't stop me from eating them no I just kept thinking why does every M&M I eat taste like orange? I look over at BF who had a crumbled up napkin on his lap. Full of peels. I never think before I say thingsI couldn't help butscreamsay "Ughhh your ruining my M&Ms! Their all orangey now." BF said sorry princess, I didn't mean to ruin your precious M&Ms with obnoxious citrus fumes.
He didn't really say that but he didn't have to haha, I knew when he leaned over and kissed me that's exactly what he was thinking :)


Courtney said...

sounds like an awesome excuse for more M&Ms :)

Gina said...

Just found you through Confessions from a Working Mom and I am your newest follower. I love me some plain M&M's too!!:)

Adrienne said...

Found you on Confessions from a working mom...Congrats on being queen! I can put away some M&Ms too