Saturday, March 6, 2010

When I Grow Up

A Stay At Home Mom. That's what I want to do career wise. My Mom was, and we both loved it. I think it'd be a luxury to have the opportunity to stay home and bake cookies in the middle of the afternoon. I'm sure its alot but to spend the whole day with your kid instead of working in an office or whatever, well in my opinion that's just the perfect situation and one that I've seriously been hoping for since forever. I've never really wanted to be anything, like an astronaut or a doctor, I just wanted to be a wife and have kids. But I cant just sit around waiting till I'm a "wife & mom", which is why I'm finishing up my Associates then going for my bachelors then hopefully have some kind of a teaching career until the "wife & mom" thing happens!

Another thing, I'd love to be a part of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Dancing in cute boots, a team to gossip with, glitter makeup, teeny tiny micro shorts with stars on them, and big hair and sparkly pom poms. And football!? Yes please. Oh and plus now their in that ginormous stadium!

I definitely don't look anywhere as good as this, so I know Kelly Finglass would probably NOT let me make it past auditions, but it would be fun!
Ohhhhh if my hair did that...

Anddddd, it'd be my pleasure to be a sports commentator on ESPN's Around The Horn. I've you've never seen it, they start out with 4 people or is it 5 I cant remember and then the host gives a topic and they get to argue about it. Debate. They know their stuff and all hold good arguments (usually) just different opinions and different favorites of course.

Then after a minute or however long, whoever has earned the most points gets to move on, the one with the lowest score eliminated. If you say something silly, say a fact that doesn't matter, or just something that the host doesn't like, you get muted, or lose points. Say something good, earn points. They have a bunch of different guys they rotate in and out of each episode. And one female. One. Hey ESPN I like sports. And I would love love lovee to get my little two sense in on a round table like conversation. I usually feel like I'm right all the time and I think that's a good quality to have for that type of show ha!

Well those are my dream career choices! A pretty interesting combination of aspirations or what? Haha. I'm just saying... You know when your like if I could do anything in the world...Well whats on your job wish list? Or do you have it already? =)


ty said...

Oh girl, I feel ya on the commentator job. I want to be a brunette Erin Andrews (but know wayyy more than her) :))

EL said...

hahaha you could be erin andrews upgraded! locker rooms, dugouts and sidelines, ohh wouldnt those be fun places to work!?

Mommy Lisa said...

Hmmm. Cheerleader? I wonder if I am too old???