Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes No Maybe So

Yes I'm excited for Easter! My second favorite holiday! When is it exactly, April...4th right?
No, LSU cant give me an admission decision until I actually graduate and am able to send them my final grades from this current semester. Bummer. That pushes things back for me. Well, I can keep procrastinating on that conversation at least.

No, no jeans. I took advantage of the sun and wore shorts. And I have a dress picked out for tomorrow =)

Yes, my attendance rate drops with the daylight savings time change. But when its an 80 degree day, and its still warm & light out at 6 oclock...well its just sooo hard to get motivated to get in the car and have my boyfriend drive medrive to go sit in night class for 3 hours. Watching the blue sky turn purple is pretty. Watching the purple sky turn pitch black is not. It's kind of scary and makes me wish I was at home on the couch.
No, I wasn't very happy with the two coats of OPI I applied on my toes. It wasn't that bad but it just made me wish I had a real pedicure even more. Sad world!

Yes my boyfriend thinks Bigfoot is real. And even if your opinion is way different, I bet you might have fun talking to him about it.

No. Cheezits, Cherry Coke, and a bag of M&Ms isnt considered a real dinner. But when you spend the dinner hour in class, those three are not a bad alternative and its actually a delicous meal. 5 star.

Yes I just about died the other night while watching Ultimate Cake Off on TLC. It was a quickfire challenge or whatever and one of the teams came up with an Oreo buttercream. Ohh my gosh! That sounds aaaaamazing, I'm kind of a big Oreo fan, but not really the cookie so much. I just like Oreo flavored ice cream you know, cookies&cream. But I'd probablydefinitely win an eating contest if the item was Klondike Oreos and Drumstick "cookies&cream".

No I'm not 500 pounds. But if you thought that after reading about my eating habits (Cherry 7up and M&Ms) in this blog , I wont blame you. Hahaha.
Yes I'm excited for the weekned, (as always) arent you?
=) Have a good one ♥.


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I could talk about food all day and all night if I let myself! Now you've got me hungry though....

Confesions From A Working Mom

EL said...

Im good at that!